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Aliens and Asteroids

in my opinion could be
the equivalent of the
American Dream...
on the basis that its out there.

When I was cleaning my kitchen
one day last year, I found a whole
loaf of molded bread on the
top of my fridge.

My friend, Jill, was over that
day and we had a pretty
profound conversation about
not wasting anything.

And decided the best course
of action for the loaf of molded
bread would be to sell it on ebay.

I photographed it, posted it,
priced it at $0.99 with $3.00 shipping
and that loaf of bread sat on ebay for
about 12 days.

Then out of the blue, a Dad in
Wisconsin wrote to me inquiring
whether or not the molded bread
had maggots.

Sure enough, I wrote back explaining
that this bag of molded bread had
a colony of maggots and mold.

He ended up making that purchase
and sent me another note stating
that the molded bread was for
his son's science fair project.

Oh, imagine that...
a kid with big dreams of having
the BEST Science Fair Project EVER!

When I took that package to the
US Post Office, the postman asked,
"Is there anything perishable in the box?"

I started laughing so hard -- the postman
started laughing along with everyone
else in line. And I had to conjure enough of
a straight face to tell him that it was a
loaf of bread that had already perished.

I pulled it out of the box and explained
where it was going and why and that
I sold it on ebay. Fortunately, the
molded bread was deemed "mail worthy."

I don't know what happened to the
molded bread after that, but I like to
think that kid had a really good project.

The film BIG FISH has some tall tales.
But, I'll say there is no less truth to
those tales than the ones found in
the Bible.

Everyone has a purpose and
most likely a dream to come true.

Monkees - Daydream Believer

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