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We don't be doin' dat 'ere---

While there are many myths and legends
about the real SOUTH LAND (not SoCal),
the majority of the rumors about N'awlins
are true.

If you want the American Cosmos visit Louisiana.

Here is some local lingo that will help you
upon your arrival:

Dressed - this has nothing to do with clothing.
When you order your sandwich you will be asked,
"dressed?" It means do you want lettuce, tomatoes,
pickles, and mayo on it.
(ain't no restaurant in New Orleans without pickles)
The two main types of sandwiches in New Orleans are
Po-Boy and Muffalletta. To navigate the options
appropriately -- go to dinner as a group and everyone
can order something different and you can all share.
(dinner is lunch and supper is the evening meal)

Make dodo - (Pronounced doe-doe.) Go to sleep.
Comes from the French faire dodo, which is
from faire dormir.
If you stay in the Quarter, UpTown, Garden District,
or Carrollton, you will be asked this by your concierge.

Lagniappe - A little something extra (pronounced LAN-yap).
This could be an extra few slices of meat at the deli,
a free dessert at the restaurant, or a treat on
the pillow at your hotel. (this means something
completely different in Mobile, Alabama.)

Whodi - A word used to address a friend. Comes from
the word "ward," which is the neighborhood unit in
New Orleans, as in "the Ninth Ward."

F'sho/F'true - An expression of agreement.

Now, on the matter of grits and tea... because I know
you are wondering... I'll be getting to that later. Both grits
and tea are to be experienced as cultural social
communion...very similar to how one may experience
the word shalom.

Elvis does a commendable job illustrating southern
culture and N'awlins life style in King Creole -
the film is worth watching.

Cajuns (local people of New Orleans) love music
and art, so, the community demands public art that is
tremendously impressive.

Currently, the Arts Council New Orleans, is putting on
LUNA Fete 2014 as a public light show art installation
for the city.

LUNA Fete 2014 video

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