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Faux Real

The film My Cousin Vinny is the quintessential
example of checkout phobia.

Its like knowing someone has you on their list.

And we should all be asking, a list of what?

On my list of HOLIDAY THINGS TO DO is,
start a band named THANK YOU BRITNEY!

Just as an appreciation for all the people of the world
who put their hearts on the line not even realizing
the repercussions.

And all of my songs would be about mocking
industries seeking unknowingly to crush
dreams of just being.

Sure, it most likely would be offensive,
but hopefully it would inspire a reform for us
to work together in harmony.

One thing, I know, is nobody ever steps forward
announcing that they are jealous of Jesus for the
opportunity to hang on a cross as Savior for the World.

And here is the list of my punny songs sung
to the beat of the original songs... and if you don't
get it ... well... well... well...
that maybe where the first offense starts.

The Heat Goes On

Whistle While You Twerk


One Slave, One Planet

I've Just Seen an Asshole

Here I am Google

Drunk in Spite

Klank - - (pause) - - Klank, the Incense is Lit

And I do have others on my list... and I love when
the Mobile Opera does its own rendition of the Mikado...
(a political satire.)
It's like Mobile, Alabama gets to have peace
for one month and one month only.

And my favorite song from The Opera the Mikado
is "The List." The lyrics change with every performance
depending on location and current events. I'm pretty
fond of this rendition by Opera Australia.

And you'll be able to connect the dots
after watching the film My Cousin Vinny.

Opera Australia
I've Got a Little List - The Mikado - Gilbert and Sullivan

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