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Something Borrowed

To say commitment is a marriage
Falls short of loving life

And to wonder which is worse
The gossip or the strife

As a child watching
It all made perfect sense

As sacred as a baptism
The bonding of my first rinse

And a widow in need
Seeking absolution for

Desiring her late spouse
Over her unborn

What is greed?
We may never know--

But forms forgiveness brings
Opportunes me grace to sing

As I was given a living version
Of the epistles known as Pauline

CHEERS to Mamme!
Today will mark her 89th birthday
in life, death, and life everlasting.

Xoxo. JML

Michael Buble - Close Your Eyes

Blog - Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 days of Christmas (x) times 2
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