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Mass of Saint Gregory
Engraving, Israhel van Meckenem, 1490

“In this version, the Pope was saying Mass
when a woman present started to laugh at
the time of the Communion, saying to a
companion that she could not believe the
bread was Christ, as she herself had baked it.
Gregory prayed for a sign, and the host
turned into a bleeding finger.”


PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)

Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Christ belief in Catholicism
is pretty popular for Protestant Christians
to poke at. While some aspects of voodoo
to cross over into Christianity and Catholicism,
priests are not practicing witch craft, magic,
black magic or voodoo during a Vatican
approved Roman Catholic Mass. To be clear—
Christ’s Blood was shed for the salvation of
mankind and the Eucharist is a celebration
of Christ’s life and Christ giving His life to
all of us.

On a personal level— there have been
three instances where I interacted with
the Blood Of Christ and it was a witness
to keep faith in my own life.

1. At a Mass on campus at Boston University
I spilled the Eucharist on my shirt. This was
after Hurricane Katrina and definitely a “sit
down come to Jesus” phase in my life. And after
Mass, I talked to the priest about soaking my
shirt and saving the water and taking that water
back outside to pour on the ground. So,
essentially I took Jesus out to the Charles River
beach area and found a child’s purple floral
barrette and I decided that was a good enough
spot for Jesus. It was probably more healing to
do that than yell at the wind about all my rage.
So, I treasure that memory as a “God works in
mysterious ways” moment.

2. So, I had a dream once that the Blood of
Christ was drawn on my forehead in a cross
like form— like Ash Wednesday ashes but
with blood— and the blood started dripping
down my nose in the dream. It was cosmic
and definitely questionable. I don’t talk about
that one too much because it was a dream.
In my experience, conscious and subconscious
mind interactions are best left to personal

3. I washed and sewed a priest’s alb. This alb
was ripped down the side, stained, and dirty.
The moment I dropped it in the tub of water
one of the stains lifted and floated like blood.
This was also another very personal private
moment. I was by myself and I had talked to
that priest briefly because his robe looked like
hell and I was mostly tired of him wearing it to
morning Mass. And I remember thinking why
has he not had this repaired. And of course
he was reluctant to give it to me. He told me
it belonged to one of his deceased mentors.
I probably took better care of that Alb after
watching the stain lift. It was like the Alb was
letting me know—> this is for MASS give it
your best.

Transubstantiation (Latin: transsubstantiatio)
is, according to the teaching of the Roman
Catholic Church, the change of substance
or essence by which the bread and wine
offered in the sacrifice of the sacrament
of the Eucharist during the Mass, become,
in reality, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Christ is for everyone! The Blood of Christ is
for everyone!


In honor of The Most Precious Blood of Jesus
Celebrated the first Sunday in July.

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Willa Crather



Plog Post: Sunday, July 7, 2019