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Oil on Canvas, El Greco, ca. 1600

This work depicts the moment when
the Holy Ghost, in the form of flames,
rests on the Virgin and the Apostles on
Pentecost day in Jerusalem, as is told
in the book of Acts (2: 1-5).


PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)

Pentecost Sunday

“To be in this world
But not of this world”
Is a paradox—

Imagine your only possessions
are your spirit and your physical body.

You have no family.
You have no friends.
You have no home.
You have no job.
You have no food.
You have no clothes.
You have no country.
You have no laws.
You have no money.

You can’t drink yourself into oblivion.
You can’t go buy an outfit to look better.
Who are you going to be angry at?
There is nobody to hug and kiss.
You can’t drown yourself in ice cream.
Are you going to be jealous of yourself?
Are you going to be proud of yourself?
There is nobody who cares about the
number defining your intelligence quotient.

There are no numbers.
You don’t even know
the 10 Commandments.
You have no religion.

And God, your maker, your higher power, is present.

You have your spirit and physical body.

And your maker was generous—
Your maker gave you—

Wisdom to act accordingly with any
situation you are in.

Understanding to be tolerant — realizing
there is hope.

Counsel to enlighten you through your spirit.

Fortitude to face this pain and adversity.

Knowledge to learn from experience and
you are learning constantly. Nobody is stupid.

Piety to be reverent.

Automatically, you know to have fear of the Lord.

You have your spirit and physical body.
You have this life and a means to do so.

So— you want your spirit to be Holy—
Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you.

The Holy Spirit was there before you asked.
The Holy Spirit is “she who existed before the
mountains” and the Holy Spirit is “ordained
before the world unto our glory.”

The Holy Spirit is God as in part of
the Trinity of God—> Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Happy Pentecost Sunday! Today is the day
you’re reminded to celebrate the most
important gifts you have been given.


What is the Holy Spirit
(in Christianity) the third person
of the Trinity; God as spiritually
active in the world.


Holy Spirit Novena

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