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The Shock Lights
Photograph, Jean-Marie Lee, 2018

PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)

Surviving Guilt

What I would tell
My teenage self
About guilt and grief

Between the unnoticeable
Stillness being unfair
Mentally racing to rewind
Playing out the scene

Day by day by day
Over and over and over

Searching for a way to repair
Everything taken and changed
Thinking of the next best thing
Wanting to make a leap

On faith — Knowing the painful
Truth— nothing matters—
Life goes on— palms grow
Just— To be burned again

Day by day by day
Over and over and over

You take a risk feeling guilt.
You eat an orange feeling guilt.
You drive a car feeling guilt.
You can’t bring your friends.

Be kind to your heart.
Know it wasn’t your fault.
You can’t change the past.

Allow yourself to be angry.
Allow yourself to be bored.
Allow yourself to want change.
Allow yourself to accept — it hurts.

There will be flowing creeks again
Ones enticing the birds to sing
You’ll hear barking dogs
Be frustrated with buzzing mosquitoes
Have compassion for crying shepherds
Feel the air before giant storms
Watch the drunken dancers perform
Spend silent nights dreaming
View frozen landscapes
See children ice skate
Love those warming winter fires

Give yourself long walks.
Give yourself space alone.
Give yourself silence.
Give yourself time to grieve.


In Honor of Catholic Priest
And composer, Antonio Vivaldi,
For his birthday, March 4, 1678.

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Antonio Vivaldi

Plog Post: Sunday, March 4, 2018