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Saint Jude the Apostle Devotion Prayer

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Saint Jude the Apostle

My maternal Grandmother
frequently requested the intercession
of Saint Jude the Apostle for many
reasons but mostly for the protection
of her entire family. It was written a few
years ago that Grandma frequently
went to confession and because of
her well known piety-- a question
was asked--Why? As in why would
Grandma have to go to confession?

Through prayers on my own and through
frequently going to confession-- I've come
to realize sins reciprocate. Sometimes
we must ask for intercession to aid our
own struggles regardless of how much
control we try to find to stop our errs.

I've also learned that many parents have
gone to confession when they know their
beloved children commit sins. I imagine
that somewhere in the piety of my loving
Grandmother-- she must have felt that
even after having her 7 children baptized--
She needed to apologize for their sins.
And I imagine she went to confession
for all 23 of her grandchildren and--
I imagine that Grandma even after death
is watching her whole family commit
more sins and she probably continues
to go to Mass and Confession.

So-- I'll say Thank You Grandma! And I'll
ask for the continued support and prayers
of Saint Jude, patron Saint of the
Impossible to guide my family to do more
good than bad and to bring us together
for Grandma's sake.


In honor of Saint Jude
On his Feast Day October 28, 2017

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Plog Post: Saturday, October 28, 2017