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St. Ursula And The Eleven Thousand Virgins
The Golden Chamber Saint Ursula Bascillica
Internet image by A. Currell (Flicker)

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Saint Ursula's Tale

11,000 virgin maidens slain-- yet
We know only one by name

Saint Ursula refused to marry
A pagan governor and Brittany's founder

She summoned the Pope to give permission
For her own pan European expedition

Arriving in Cologne more men proposed
A confederation known as the Huns arose

Upon refusal, Ursula was shot by one
The furious leader killed her by bow and arrow

Then sieged her companions-- lining
Them up for 11,000 virgin beheadings

But even in death Saint Ursula prevailed
For centuries passing on Ursula's tale

Has inspired women's education--
And all women's right to say -- No!


In honor of Saint Ursula
On her Feast Day October 21, 2017

Saint Ursula

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Plog Post: Saturday, October 21, 2017