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Sun and Moonshine Tango
Digital Collage, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015
(Created from oil pastel sketches)

PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)

Tango 4-Life

Some skirts come with pants
And some pants come with skirts

I'm not talking about a romper
Or jumpsuit or leotard

Let's examine the tango
Then choose either-or--

Pants or skirt or both
Gimme 2 specimens

Human lovers--
A man and woman arguing

Who loves best-- though
And yet-- not at all confined--

To a Maryland jailhouse--
Was it all the window panes

Opening for moonlight determining
The fate of silhouettes on the shade

Oh... No! no! no! Eh, eh--
(SMH) shaking my head

Greet each other shyly knowing
She likes him and he likes her

All that giddy smiling trying
To keep composure-- breathe

Holding hands now relax
Get comfortable learning the steps

Synchronize your rhythm
Both will front-- shoulders and chest

Keep distance then move in
At the waist with hips-- space out

Again-- keeping time with
Pushing and pulling-- no intimacy

Just yet-- right now learning steps
Synchronizing rhythm and practice

He will learn to hold her--
While she is perceived a temptress

She will return to him--
Never doubting where he has been

When you synchronize
There is no doubt except

The doubt within-- reminding you both
You are still alive and must--

Keep-on-rhythm-- stimulating
Enjoying the dance-- so practice

He'll most likely wear pants
She'll most likely wear a skirt

Becoming ONE-- synchronized
You two will wear both-- flipping

Dramatic reverse-- switch-a-roo
Just practice-- keep life sexy

Nobody else can change you
Remain focused on each other

Hold his sight with a temping gaze
Pull her in-- glancing direction--

Stating "I will." only with your eyes
It's not seduction-- this is--

Bonding formation-- changing words
Now "We will."-- for now on-- refresh


From the top-- practice synchronizing
Anticipation-- grow intimacy

Romancing-- though leaving space
Step together-- able to stand apart

Still synchronized-- step together
Again-- It's the push and pull

Never doubting-- Together or apart--
Hold for the reversal-- If stumbling--

(Practice Synchronizing)

If doubting-- practice synchronizing
Hold each other tightly yet without

Gagging-- know by sight
And practice-- always refreshing

Yet remaining one--
He'll become a woman

She'll become a man
The great dramatic irony

(All relationships are UNI-Sexy)

From the top
Practice again

Step lightly
Step fast pace



Hold each other

Just a gaze

When apart
And back


This truly is a splendid
Love affaire!!!

XOXO!!! JML-Studio

Congratulations on your
Iggy Azalea and Swaggy P!!!

Pretty Girls
Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Plog Post: Wednesday, June 24, 2015