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Not blue with You

I know I mentioned the schism
but now--

I know I mentioned all the tears
but now--

And just today--
Seeing this orange-- a loquat

Possibly and no security
No landscape crew supervision

I thought about that Creation Story
It messes everything up-- lonely

I considered Eve-- I considered Adam
How would they plead in 2015?

The only fruit on this tree
And such a large beauty

I captured that memory 4 now
To share -- so see -- just see

God is not a Dove-- neither is
God a membership-- I know

God is being present--

And I suffered walking away
Numerous times-- to find a way

To find myself here wondering
Am I walking away-- am I leaving

Again-- Am I denying the obvious
Need I have-- within to be part

Of all of this-- and I'm not leaving

And God is not a dove-- either
And God is not a membership

You're getting the better version
And the better version of me--

Me staying-- connected
Wanting to merge--

And yes I need privacy and time
Just know-- because of openness

Being willing-- the better version
Me-- Is arriving constantly

Every place I'll be -- being in
I left that orange on that tree--


Don't Think Twice it's Alright
The Seekers

Whole Ensable
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015


Posted: Saturday, May 30, 2015