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Divine Eavesdropping

Reading her writing
Subtle-- gentle
All in-- knowing

I hear her voice
She was crying
Not for rescue

Not for grief
Not for shaming
Not for need

"all shall be well,
and all shall be well,
and all manner of things
shall be well"

Muffled, whispering--
Sacred singing
Intentionally soothing

-- intuitively knowing
Now questioning--

Why do I feel as if
I'm eavesdropping?

She is so- kind--
She is so- sweet--
And so now-- I weep

Juliana and Jesus meet
Divine revelations--
A spirit-- a soul--

In her chamber
Tending to divinity
Sixteen shewings--

A precursor--
He for She--

Finding-- there is nothing
To fear-- holding

So-- continuing-- I read
Some say-- locked away
Romancing-- anchorite

Behind the altar
Vanquishing interior dragons
Juliana-- found felicity

And in 2015--
I feel selfish just
Thinking about her--

Guilty as if--
I'm eavesdropping
On her sacred peace

Haveth nought fear--
Her echo now--

Wisdom from her life
Quilled-- defining-- Love
The greatest need.

"Christ dwells in
the souls that love Him"

Juliana of Norwich
Unforgettable-- hidden
Now celebrating your life

A divine written feast.

Xoxo. JML

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Owl Shadow Mingling Selfie
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015


Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2015