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It took a teacher
To bring You--

When ships pass day or night
Weighing silence falls logy

On both bodies-- on water
Built-- sitting, floating, gliding

Watching the bowsprit
Guiding a tide-- a need

Abode-- new ways to abide
I learned all this from a teacher

Several years of teachers--
Embracing communities

Loving life-- no river
Nore -- ocean too wide

Pursuing me to be more diligent
And my arrogance was tolerated

As if they already knew--
Oh, how I once hated more--

Then the happiness grew--
That joy came from forgiveness

A guilt free zone
Helping to see a way out

Guiding patience
Allowing to speak

It took a teacher
Really-- quite a few

Encouraging women
To eternally pursue

Never questioning when
Never asking why--

Waking -- being present
All weighs, all ways, always.

Xoxo. JML

May 8th is the Feast Day of
Blessed Theresa of Jesus
Gerhardinger-- foundress
Of the School Sisters of
Notre Dame.

SSND Sisters Arrive in America

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The Beatles

Advertisement - 1848
Steamship Washington

“exceptionally beautiful,
new, 2200 Tons large
american mail-steamship


School Sisters of Notre Dame


Posted: Saturday, May 9, 2015