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The Lamentations

Clouding perception
Uniformed fact driven data for proof
Oh how I loath and need more Love

Attack you they will, overcome you they can't

Realizing or maybe it was visualization
Infinity never cried for a single nation

Her tears laid down side by side

Feeding and forming the breast
Of the eternal river and tide

Milk, Manna and Honey
A land where nobody goes hungry

No judgment and no need
No governments, no religion

Nations thriving without division

Babylon never fell and yet
The book still wasn't wrong

It's standing in the lee
Just hush and let it all be

There is no need to rebuild
Infinity can also help you see

Ahh... Ha ha ha...
And it's not crazy eights

I'm a painter so I took the
Symbols on a few dates


The Lamentations

Three Dog Night - Joy To The World

Blog - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 days of Christmas (x) times 2
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