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Sophia is Light

Truth is ONLY found in Nature.

Day and Night of The Lord

By day I have a blooming pecan tree
Full of life and activity-
Birds nesting, squirrels scavenging.

By night I have a tree of branches
Veins pulsating toward heaven
Silence with breath- serenity.

Seven Stars shine brightly
Above both day and night
Though darkness allows viability.

I know- Seven Stars are there
I know- This is the day and night
The Lord has made.

White Hornets

Ah! Yes, I contend and demand.
Just like Job - no difference,
And You never leave my side!

In front, behind, surrounding,
I run and You get there first,
Hiding child like covering eyes.

You are there knowing all.
When I yell, You stay anyway;
I could slug You...!

But You would give another
Opportunity. For humility
I gain from You!

Graciously, my effort lacks;
Sincerely, my effort fades;
Cordially, my effort misfires,

And You are there at all times
Yet Praising, yet Encouraging, yet Humbling-
I run, and, yet,
The Pascal Mystery pursues.

The Shepherdess

The briars I love taunt me
And the standoff of my pride
Is a copious rain; drowning
A dark night, followed by
An apology for straying
From grace.

Shortly after, my pride subsides.

A cool breeze and a shining star
Lighten the way for a lamb to go home, as
She silences the nobility of liars-
Thickets and brambles disappear-
She- good shepherdess of her flock of sheep.

Unseen, unheard, unfelt- known-
She will appear.

Micah the Prophet

The Maccabeats - All About That Neis

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