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Digital Photo, Jean-Marie Lee, 2023

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Walking Home

To tell you gently—
I yelled a lot at teenagers.
I was sarcastic to teenagers.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t care.
It means my frustration said— honestly—
What is taboo and not politically correct.

Truthfully— I’m not a rebel—
Definitely up for anything—
And my cause is being here.

You say it was a midlife crisis—
I felt wrenched— divergent—
Used as a pawn in a dubious scheme—

So, you’re understaffed—
But my help is not needed—
Writing people off for any reason—

Isn’t that the criticism— you gave me—
And the pervasive global problem—
Disposable society— meanwhile…

The wind is practical for flying—
The water is practical for swimming—
The Earth — Clay — is practical for—

Walking away— towards a future.


Blessed Conchita

“Become a saint … Fall in love with Jesus, give yourself to Jesus, and let yourself be done and undone by the One who loves you so much”

It is said that we do not choose saints, but they choose us. ~ Blessed Conchita

For 2024, I’m praying for the intercession of Blessed Conchita in my life. She’s a beautiful romantic. To put a disclaimer on how I found this Saint— I pulled her name out of basket. The priest said at the end of Mass— the quote above— “It is said that we do not choose saints, but they choose us.” As I walked out of the church, a few others said they got Blessed Conchita as their saint too. Cosmic— or ironic— either way, I’ve decided to roll with this Saint. She’s definitely relevant being from Mexico. She’s also a widow which fits the life of my favorite Saints. The Virgin Mary, Saint Monica, Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, and Saint Rita were all widows with kids. So, I’ll keep you posted on my journey with Blessed Conchita.


“Jesus once explained to Conchita, ‘There are souls, who through ordination receive a priestly anointing. However, there are … also priestly souls who do not have the dignity or ordination of a priest, yet have a priestly mission. They offer themselves united to me… these souls help the Church in a very powerful spiritual way. … You will be the mother of a great number of spiritual children, yet they will cost your heart the death of a thousand martyrs. Bring yourself as an offering for the priests. Unite your offering with my offering, to obtain graces for them’.” (p 28)

Blessed Conchita

This book list is curated to provide insight into the coincidences, parallels, and blatant facts of history repeating itself in current global affairs with religion, war, politics, drugs, farming, prostitution, romance and finding yourself despite it all.

Diary Of A Young Girl
Anne Frank

Ways of Seeing
John Berger

The Last Barrier: A Journey into the Essence of Sufi Teachings
Reshad Feild

Mornings in Jenin: A Novel
Susan Abulhawa

Death Comes For The Archbishop
Willa Cather

The Good Earth
Pearl S. Buck

Crime And Punishment
Fyodor Dostoevsky

Saint Monica

Saint Augustine

The Life of Saint Monica


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