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About God’s Love and The LGBTQ Community

The word “gay” gets tossed around for several reasons including sexual preferences and referring to someone or something in a devaluing manner. As for myself— I never knew how gay I was until I attended art school with a short haircut. I honestly still to this day never even remotely viewed my prism rainbow paintings as gay. And still I’ll honestly say— I never thought for a split second that bringing my friend Liza to my brother’s wedding would provoke questions of whether or not I am a lesbian. It’s okay to call me naive— I thought I was living my best life. To this day— I’ve never engaged in a lesbian relationship but I can definitely see both sides of the situation. One of my aunts thinks Liza is my life partner. My mother actually told me it would be okay if I was gay. And I just decided not to care what anyone thinks because I cannot change their mind. People will view me how they choose to view me. It doesn’t matter what the truth is and I don’t have to sit down explaining my truths to anyone.

For everyone reading this— your sexuality and love interest are between you and the other person. It’s not for anyone to judge.

So— on to the meat of this Plog— if I decide not to care whether or not I’m straight or gay— how can I actively participate in the Catholic Church which says homosexual love is morally wrong? That’s a hard question that I don’t typically think about. I did decide to research the topic and I am going to explain why Catholicism works for me.

God does not hate anyone that is homosexual. There seems to be two biblical references that get debated with homosexuality. They are:

Leviticus 18:22— You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

And the 7th Commandment— You shall not commit adultery.

I’m not a philosopher or a theologian but looking at these two statements it appears that it’s okay to be a lesbian and if the world accepted same-sex marriage there would be a lot fewer sinners. So on a more serious note it’s important recognize that these moral guidelines were written over 2000 years ago.

There is necessary change needed to bring the Catholic Church up to date and a lot of underdeveloped countries up to date too. In my opinion those changes need to be allowing same sex marriage and allowing women to become priests. So why isn’t the Catholic Church changing it’s guidelines? —I have no idea. When I pray about women’s rights — I see the world and the makeup of countries with different laws and people with lots of varying beliefs. The Catholic Church is in every country in the world. Close to 50% of the world’s population identifies as Catholic. Logically changing some doctrines would trigger a world war. Not to say that LGBTQ rights are not a priority— that’s just the best opinionated conclusion I’ve got.
(My theory is not fact and it is not backed up by the
Vatican or Pope Francis.)

So— you’re probably still wondering why I’m a practicing Catholic. Participating in Catholic traditions keeps me grounded. I’m a single person working as an artist by myself in my studio. I need something to tie me to life outside of my studio. I need something bigger than myself to pull me back to reality. I pray the rosary and other chaplets because they help me meditate and decompress. By no means do I believe in all the teachings of the Catholic Church. I actually had a pretty long conversation with a Catholic Sister about all the Catholic Teachings that I don’t agree with. And she asked me if I believed in the Trinity and in the Eucharist and my answer is yes.

I definitely believe in the Trinity because even if you look at God from the stance of one thing— how else would you teach, demonstrate, illustrate — explain that God is also the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is in everyone on the planet— All day long!

And the Eucharist makes perfect sense— you have this guy — Jesus — passionately trying to do His Father’s Will — but He has to deal with a bunch of human assholes that cause Him to struggle. The myth of having passion for the struggle in life is outlined in every religion. The ultimate purpose of the Eucharist is so we all know from Jesus’ example that we need to have passion for the struggle in our daily life. All day long!

I can definitely believe in the Trinity and the Eucharist all day long!

In case you forgot— there are plenty of sinners in the Catholic Church that still take communion. “Thou shalt not judge” is also one of the 10 Commandments. God loves everyone! God does not discriminate His love for any reason. Everyone in the LGBTQ community is loved by God and I love you too!

While— this Plog probably didn’t answer all your questions or resolve all your questions on morality— I can tell you that it’s important to surround yourself with like minded people and family and friends who love you.

Below I’ve provided some links about religious groups that embrace the LBGTQ Community and believe that everyone should have the perfect wedding and marriage. I also found a link about hotspots for LGBTQ couples to live. And to pass on to the LGBTQ haters — there are two links about the same-sex marriage debate in the USA.

God loves you! Jesus loves you! I love you!


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