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Installation view - Saint Bridget place setting
The Dinner Party - Judy Chicago, Brooklyn Museum of Art

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Rite of Ordination of a Bishop

“Father, you know all hearts.  You have chosen your servant for the office of bishop.  May he be a shepherd to your holy flock, and a high priest blameless in your sight, ministering to you night and day; may he always gain the blessing of your favor and offer the gifts of your holy Church.  Through the Spirit who gives the grace of high priesthood grant him the power to forgive sins as you have commanded, to assign ministries as you have decreed, and to loose every bond by the authority which you gave to your apostles.  May he be pleasing to you by his gentleness and purity of heart, presenting a fragrant offering to you, through Jesus Christ, your Son, through whom glory and power and honor are yours with the Holy Spirit in your holy Church, now and for ever.  R.  Amen.”

In honor of Saint Brigid of Kildare
Who was accidentally read The
Rite of Ordination of a Bishop
Instead of the Rites for Ordination
Of an Abbess. On her Feast Day
February 1, 2018.


Saint Bridgid of Kildare

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Plog Post: Thursday, February 1, 2018