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Bless Basil Anthony Moreau—Relic Reflection
Digital Collage, Jean-Marie Lee, 2018

(Father Moreau Relic located in The Basilica of
the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame, IN; Stained glass
window of The Annunciation located in The Chapel
of Our Lady of Loretto, Saint Mary’s College)

PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)


Its the point of
Too much— yet
Never enough.

And in this life—
Your brain will spin
Just like the planet.

They’d like me better
Maybe— if— my—
Surname was Joseph

And my initials would
Have been JMJ— and that—
Jesus, Mary, Joseph—

Could have been a better—
A much better— conversation

Your brain will spin—

Sometimes— I wonder
If Archangel Michael
Reports to God— And

In all His majesty— splendor—
God asks with a gasping sigh,
“What did the humans do?” —

Your brain will spin—

For all the crying out loud
Shenanigans of everything
You don’t even know me!

Maybe that’s the crux—
All that distance in plain sight
Without a way to communicate

Your brain will spin—

And knowing when to be silent
And knowing when to speak
And knowing when to do anything

“To be is to do”
“To do is to be”
“Do be do be do”

Your brain will spin—
Maybe that’s the crux—
Listening to everything but ME!

And in this life—
Your brain will spin
Just like the planet.

Though really— Listening
God said
“Be still and know I am God.”

To obtain a favor through the
intersession of Blessed Father Moreau

Lord Jesus,
Source of all that is good,
you inspired Basile Moreau
to found the religious Family of Holy Cross
to continue your mission among the People of God.

May he be for us a model of the apostolic life,
an example of fidelity,
and an inspiration as we strive to be followers of Jesus.
May the Church be moved to proclaim his saintliness
for the good of all people.

Lord Jesus, you said:
“Ask and you shall receive.”
I come to you to ask that you hear my prayer.
It is through the intercession of Venerable Father Basile Moreau
that I ask …

May I learn to imitate his holiness and service
and look to him confidently
in times of need.


In honor of Blessed Father Basil Moreau
On his Feast Day January 20, 2017

Blessed Father Basil Moreau

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