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Sometimes I Trim the Edges
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2012

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In Making Unlikely Friends

Some say you can’t have a friend
Until you learn to love yourself

The truth is that—

When you love yourself
You are loving God

When you love God
The Trinity reveals itself

Holy Spirit, God, and human likeness
Falling in love with God is like

Falling in love with the whole world
Including— that unlikely friend

The one you’d like to smack in the face
But you can’t get rid of them because—

They’re you’re friend and you love them
Regardless of the consequences— like

How much your heart breaks
When they’re gone

For all the joy
When they are near

And you love them
For bringing the best out in you.


Julian of Norwich

Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich
Full book in pdf

All Shall Be Well
Julian of Norwich

Revelations of Divine Love audiobook
Julian of Norwich

Plog Post: Wednesday, December 13, 2017