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Cathedral Cross
Oil on Canvas, Jean-Marie Lee, 2011

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On the Wall

Lying in bed
Staring at the wall
I watched Christ

Come down
Reaching out hand
To lift a sister praying

I was in my room
Miles from Church
And not praying

Staring at the wall
I went outside—night
A rainbow at my door

Then awoke— morning
An exclamation appearing
Next to the crucifix

So— I continued staring
To say “thanks for the memory”
Or “thanks for the painting”

And that fall— a dream
Of blood marking
A cross on my forehead

It wasn’t ashes— red
Dripping down my nose
Marking a cross—

I kept writing— trying
To understand— WHAT?
What is He asking?

What is He saying?
And discernment’s
A bust— except

For writing— and
He got the studio
Poetically evangelizing

To write to God— is praying
To talk to God— is praying
To think to God— is praying

To BELIEVE in God—
Now that— just that
To BELIEVE in God—

Is transforming.


In honor of Ascension Thursday
Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Killers


Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2017