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Pied Noir: reliquary of Saint Blaise

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Seen and Unseen

You see abilities from actions
You see failures from expectations
Things that could be yet aren’t
Things done yet shouldn’t be
And skin is neither white nor black
And life is neither elite nor impoverished
Though King and Lee have few things in common
Though God willed both lives to being
Love of neighbor -- a shining commonality
Love of country -- seemed their defeat
Is the illusion of color too ironic?
Is the location of neighbor too distant?
Only seeing local attributes conflicting
Only knowing difference as taught truth
Weigh both to make a wise decision
Weigh anchor to cross the river--


In honor of Saint Blaise, Martin Luther King
General Robert E. Lee on their Feast Day
January 16, 2017

Saint Blaise

Martin Luther King Jr.

I Have a Dream Speech

General Robert E. Lee

Give Peace a Change
Plastic Ono Band

Plog Post: Monday, January 16, 2017