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Second Nail
Jean-Marie Lee, Morning Sketch, 2016

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Work of Wo-Man
Second Nail

All that I am
Including omission
Personal agenda

My true self
My spirit--
My own desiring

To be -- rather
Than doing -- rigorous
Saintly tasks

Like building my life
Around God instead
Of myself--

After complaining
After feeling guilty
After forgiving --

From realization
I committed sins
Equal to all humanity

My ado about anything
And my -- I don't about whatever
Emptying the trenches--

The slums of my soul
Festering resentment
Lingering angst

I delivered that nail
To His right hand
For Guidance--

Graciously He--
Filled my void
With a rose.


In honor of Saint Thomas More
On his Feast Day June 22, 2016

What A Piece of Work is Man

Plog Post: Wednesday, June 22, 2016