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Wisdom, Saint Peter's Cathedral - Erie, PA
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015

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Snooter -to- Tooter

Letting a river run
Amiss precaution
I held my own

Standing nigh
At the river-- right--
Left - about the island

Letting the water
Evaporate to clouds
Then pinning them

Down as Lindy's
Star sapphire guided
Pale white gold-- with

Diamonds fluorescing--
A bellowing wind changing
My direction as silence

Let me hold on--
I heard every thought
I heard each word spoken

Rain, reigned a Sphinx and
Me in-- soft whispers saying,
You'll love today--

You'll love this one--
I'm so proud of you--
Loving is enough.

As my song was sung,
"Je m'en vais"
Was no option--

Leave it alone-- she said--
Yet again-- with compassion
-- No groan.

I remembered the tub--
And why I got out--
An amazement similar--

To stone soup--


Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma
Miley Cyrus & Melanie Safka

Plog Post: Sunday, August 23, 2015