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Jarring Dirt

Why say they are gonna
They are gonna sell us
Sell all of us down a river

Why! Why! Why!

Have you seen the Canyon
Like 4 REAL-- The Grand Canyon
A whole river filled all of that

Empty orange glittering purple
Space with cacti and rodents
Hawks, asses, asses riding asses

To see the river that use to be
The river that will not sell a thing
A river full of believing--

I put some dirt in a jam jar
On my visit and roger copied
My brother's walkie talkie

Closing that lid-- yup
I jarred that river dirt
It wasn't mud-- muddled

But not mud-- no sir-- not mud
And two decades & more later
I met her-- the water bearer

Showing me another river
One for all eternity and I beg
I believe-- I fall on my knees

I can't live without that river
I can't live with that river
I desperately tell the river

Everything and hit repeat
Saying-- now-- now-- now--
If not now when-- if not here

Where-- and she says
It's heaven all the way to heaven
And hell all the way to hell

I can't bottle Her-- not that truth
She stabbed and shattered my heart
She's here already, now, anytime--

She's here now.


Ray LaMontange

Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015


Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2015