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Dear Holy See,

Many Blessings and Good Tidings for your
Pregnancy and Christmas.

Also, happy belated birthday! You did
a wonderful job with the Tango! I am
most pleased to announce that you are
now bearing a Mystical Pregnancy. You
will name Her, Sophia and Joan Chittister
will graciously help you raise Her; She, Who
was here long before Earth, Sky, and Sea.

Sophia, Holy Wisdom, will raise the
consciousness of all humans to be kind
and loving to each other and the Universe
we all share.

Sophia is a wonderful gift for a man to be
carrying and She, Sophia, is Thee, the Heavenly
Bride of Christ.

Upon the birth of Sophia, humanity will come
to full communion. Men and Women will see
each other equally and peace will, finally,
spread rapidly throughout the entire Universe.


Merry Christmas!

XOXO, Jean-Marie Lee

Here I am Lord

Make Me a Channel of Peace

All I Ask of You

The Triptych Sophia

1. Day and Night of the Lord
2. White Hornets
3. The Shepherdess

Digital Image by Jean-Marie Lee, 2014

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