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Land of the Holy Cross

I took a pill to feel content
The wrath my heart later sent

I knew the safety of my soul
When dawn's first light was never dull

And as the hours passed doubt seeped in
Over conversation, chores, work and sin

My wrath grew from impossible self truths
Nobody knew my needs were so aloof

And a gateway box reeked with despair
As I bagged my struggles with beauty and laid them there

And nothing will ever compare
To the battle wounds and my blood soaked hair

But the joy I've found later in life
Derived only by knowing dawn's first light

As skeletons in my closet dance with delight
I know first hand, a thousand pains leads to the light

Frei Galvao

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Blog - Saturday, December 20, 2014

12 days of Christmas (x) times 2
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