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Three 4 Shalom

So, you're worried about a schism
My Body and Spirit did that
Automatically just last week

Its not practicing dying
Nor Earthly anchoriting
Its called too much suffering

When you have no trust
You trust yourself

When nobody will listen
You listen to yourself

When everyone starts watching
You watch yourself

And when that is still not enough
You schism the Body and the Self

I ain't got time to be
Called lazy or crazy

Nor is this just a New Age
Delusional fantasy

Same plot different story
Same shit different hole

And still I be all like,
This news is just so old

Stop holding ground
Its not yours
Its just a place
To be found

Archangel Michael defends me in Battle
Mary Magdalene frees my Body
Saint Theresa's Mansions release my Spirit

Together, these Three Mapped SHALOM 4 Me


Archangel Michael

Mary Magdalene

Saint Theresa of Avila

Blog - Sunday, December 14, 2015

12 days of Christmas (x) times 2
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