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The Beauty of Winter

Feeling cold is extremely abnormal
for my physical body; I'm mostly
always HOT. So, cold weather is
also an exaggerated stress-er and
it goes beyond just layering clothes.

I don't like clothes. So, at best I don't
wear much. And winter comes along
and its time to put on layers and I'm
not use to doing that... every year...
it just doesn't feel quite right.

Then, I think... let me just turn up the
heat and that's like being a raisin with
no sun... so, I think let me do this with
a humidifier. Now, I don't like the
humidifier noise.

So, then I google, "how do Eskimos stay
warm in igloos." Because there just has to be
some cosmic meaning behind an ice house
with fire inside and Eskimos just hanging out.

I got a bunch of ice and turned my heat up...
I'll let you all know how it goes.

Xoxo. JML

Clouds - The Tree of Life Alexandre Desplat

Blog - Friday, December 12, 2014

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