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God ain't got .0

Dear Deepak,

:) Hi, my name is Jean.

Your theory on God 2.0 lacks
knowing the rules to break the

Lets do... Luke 12:27 and you know... find
a theoretical mean between the NASA-car
inspecting Mars and Genghis Khan's idea
on how much one should drink while still
slotting religion as a baseline.

Inertia seems like a pretty good option now
"right" due to the fact that we are all living
a long term suicide anyway you look at life
and blowing up Earth is technically an option.

I started with an emoji just to emphasize this is
a declaration of my human-code-made cave wall.

"Consciousness" takes making a judgement call
to eliminate "good" and "evil" for the sake of
human experience... so, partially, I'm glad you
have taken it upon yourself, to plant, market, and
create a way to visualize 2025... I'm pretty sure
I had a WEEKLY READER in the mid 1980's to
do the same thing.

Lets not forget about the Smoke Free Class
of 2000 that has taken vaporizing to new extremes.

So, since new theoretical thought really is at
a state of inertia because I've heard this all predicted
before, I'm going to go with Genghis Khan because
a whole country blocked students from reading about
him which would have led students to realizing
"full potential" of backlash on governments and

"I am the flail of god. Had you not created
great sins, God would not have sent a punishment
like me upon you." (Genghis Khan)

"If one must drink, then let one drink thrice a month,
for more is bad. If one gets drunk twice a month,
it is better; if one gets drunk once a month, that is
better still; and if one doesn't drink at all, that is the
best of all." (Genghis Khan)

Why would Genghis Khan be concerned about his
alcohol intake?... obviously alcohol effects mental
states... just like too much of many other things
including but not limited to -- fasting, juice diets,
being online, and haven't people died doing yoga--
just like people have died during sexual intercourse.

Excessive worry from thinking too much about
things that aren't right here right now will also
kill you... kind of like depression leading to

And in conclusion, Deepak, I think you are doubting
your humanity with God 2.0.

And that makes you no different than Old Yeller
or a Tibetan Mastiff.

Cordially XOXO, Jean

(sarcasm and I don't have any Great Khan songs)
Make Your Own Kind of Music - Mama Cass Elliott

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