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The Millennium's Red Wind

I envisioned the scenario below to
be indicative of a middle class
21st Century Scarlett O'Hara.

When I sit down to write about you
I don't feel a thing

But get in my face and the
yelling match brings

All the fears, tears, and sneers

That I hold back tightly just to ask,

"How was your day?"

(In the background-- an emotional disconnection)
Narcissus breaks his mirror.
The disaster is too unbearable and the mirror
could never be replaced. Like Saturn devouring
his child she begins: "Its all your fault. You are the SIN."
A chili fight is started. Dishes and beans are thrown...
shattering and splattering everywhere.
(Back to the foreground-- the vacant surreal unfeeling reality)

She replies pleasantly:

I had a good day. I wore my new flag pin,
pleated khakis, Reebok sneakers and
coral crew neck. And just laid around
and played with Suzy. She popped a balloon.

I stare at her thinking:
And you wonder why I'm afraid of you.

The film Gone With the Wind was intended
to empower women and the book and film
were both produced before 1940. Yet even
today, in 2014, we don't have race equality
or gender equality.

Red, Red, Red - Fiona Apple

Blog - Saturday, December 6, 2014

12 days of Christmas (x) times 2
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