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Creche - Notre Dame 2016
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2016

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Relative Poverty

Over the past few months, I have
contemplated what poverty is and
what poverty is not. The only insight
I can provide is that poverty is in
relationship to an individual's ability
and access to resources.

For instance, you can have all the
friends in the world and not have a
dime, which would make you wealthy
in relationships but poor financially.
And vice versa, you could have all
the money in the world and have
the entire world hate you.

Lately, I have also been trying to
understand what the nativity is
portraying. The theological explanation
for the Creche or Nativity portrayal is
to illustrate Christ "Our Savior" in
human form, which is a less stark
portrayal of the "All Mighty One"
described in the Old Testament.

So-- Let me give you the JML-Studio
breakdown on the Nativity. Mary, was
pregnant before getting married. She
got pregnant by a supernatural event
caused by the Holy Spirit. Joseph
is Jesus' foster parent or adopted parent.
Mary and Joseph, from a practical view,
had to go to Bethlehem because of a
government census that required Joseph
to be in his home town.

And in theory, Micah 5:2 --
"one who is to rule Israel, whose origin
is from of old. . ." is a prophecy that is
fulfilled by Jesus being born in Bethlehem.

Psychologically-- y'all, the bible is a teaching
tool as well as a really good book. I personally
love Carl Jung theories, so, here is some Jungian
Philosophy: the backdoor is where God comes
into our lives (unconscious.) Bethlehem would
symbolically be our unconscious. Jerusalem is
symbolic of our ego. Jesus was not a symbol
of the ego. Jesus was a symbol of God. Thus,
Jesus had to be born in our unconscious town of

And then there is my own personal revelation
about Jesus being born in a cave instead of
the inn. The bible gives accounts that "there
was no room at the inn." Mary did not have
a medical staff or midwife with her. All she
had was Joseph who was a first time parent.
I speculate that Mary's water broke while she
was riding on the donkey. And the whole
situation with Mary and Joseph not staying
at the inn was God's way of keeping Mary
and Joseph from having to pay extra fees
for dirtying the inn room from having
a baby. And I also know that there have
been lots of speculations on when Jesus
was really born. Lots of people doubt that
Jesus was born on December 25, 4 BC. I
personally think Jesus was a June baby
because he was born in a cave and lived.
If Jesus was born in a cave in the middle
of the winter he probably would have died.

My views are not doctrine and probably do
represent a cynical American stand point on
Christianity. So-- as a disclosure-- don't
believe everything JML says.

Just know symbolically, the nativity is suppose
to teach us the humility and humanity of
ourselves and our Lord.


In honor of Saint Francis Xavier
On his Feast Day Decbember 3

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