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Self Portrait
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2016

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Solving Problems Without Violence

And to fail language
While enjoying reading--
Seems a thread on a harp

In silence, my neck struck
Thrice—draining my mind
For my heart to love again

Harping out all the darkness
Saddening moments of grief
Writing to God the Trinity—

Though, truthfully just—
martyred by yarn— and given
a piece of jewelry— my Grandma’s Holy Cross

She was spared by confessing—
A desiring to exchange seven vices
For seven virtues--

Its letting the awfulness surface
And offering – joining Christ’s suffering
Writing makes life bearable.

Not worthlessly suffering—
An eternity of exalted mundanity--
Dear God the Trinity,

Please spare my life.


In honor of Saint Cecilia
On her Feast Day November 22

Children, Go Where I Send You
Nina Simone

Plog Post: Tuesday, November 22, 2016