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Jean-Marie Lee, Digital Photo, 2016

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The Bishop's Breakfast

Some of the names of the soup kitchen's
I visited created a muse for the meal. While
attending The Bishop's Breakfast, I often
pondered Jesus and his last supper. Clearly,
there have not been enough paintings of
Jesus and his disciples eating breakfast.

And as a reflection to the obvious, Jesus is
the most famous homeless human in history
and an icon to the first soup kitchen known
as Christianity. Many churches organize
soup kitchens and are staffed by volunteers.

Some of the volunteers cook large quantities
of food at home to serve. Other soup kitchens
operate like restaurants and have a staff and
volunteers. And I will testify that all of the
food I ate at soup kitchens was good-- tasty--
satisfying-- the food served was something
that would be served at a large family gathering.


In honor of Saint Maria Goretti
On her Feast Day July 6, 2016


Plog Post: Wednesday, July 6, 2016