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Jean-Marie Lee, Digital Photo, 2016

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Cost of Food

The cost of food varies depending on
types of food needed and the amount of food needed.
On average it costs between $4.00 - $7.00 to feed
one American 2000 calories a day.

From my research, the average cost per a
soup kitchen serving 200 people a day is
roughly $1200 a day, which includes operation
expenses and overhead. It is less expensive
to feed large groups of people.

As a single person, many of you reading
this Plog have had me over for dinner or
participated in the Midtown Misfits
supper club; surprisingly soup kitchens
operate in a similar fashion. Someone
brings the food and everyone eats.


In honor of Saint Maria Goretti
On their Feast Day July 6, 2016

Stone Soup

Plog Post: Wednesday, July 6, 2016