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Jean-Marie Lee, Digital Photo, 2016

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How to get INVOLVED

Most cities in America and abroad have
a least one soup kitchen. Quite often,
people tell me that they "wish" they could
do more to help out but don't know how.

I'll tell you that I never hand out money
to anyone. Occasionally, and only because
I know the feeling, I have bought homeless
people cigarettes. If they ask me for booze--
I never buy anyone booze.

I do buy homeless individuals bus passes and
I do carry extra change to cover anyone
who is short on bus fare. One easy easy thing--
is carrying a box of zip-lock bags give to people
at soup kitchens who can't finish their meal
but don't won't the food to go to waste.

Another thing I've learned over the years from
working with individuals in crisis situations is
they may not say thank you and trust me--
it has nothing to do with you. Just let them
get mad at you because they will appreciate
you letting them vent. And sometimes they
will remember you and apologize later. Moments
like this are actually rewarding-- strange-- but
still rewarding.

Often, homeless individuals have no means
of doing their laundry and if you know me--
you know clean laundry is one of my favorites
and I have paid for a couple of people to have
their clothes taken to a dry cleaner or
laundry mat for -- wash/dry/fold. The cost
of this service can range from $0.99 a pound
to $1.99 a pound so be up front about your
budget and what you can do. Pay for the service
at the time of drop off and the individual can
just go pick up their clean laundry. This is one
of my favorites because smelling clean is

Other things-- homeless people have lots of
free time while waiting on housing and assistance
and idle hands need something productive to
do so bring a list of free events to keep them
entertained. Also, if you know of anyone hiring
let them know. You'd be surprised that not every
homeless person on the planet is a government
mooch. Some of the homeless I know have
faced “WTF STORMS" and just need a new
path to envision.

Don't ever be the kind of person who beats
around the bush of saying no with a homeless
person. If your answer is no-- say it-- be up
front. Nobody likes being led on. If sharing
your cell phone is off limits-- say no. If you
don't want to give money-- say no. And if
you want to help-- say YES!

I hope to hear some good soup kitchen stories
from y'all!


In honor of Saint Maria Goretti
On her Feast Day July 6, 2016

Plog Post: Wednesday, July 6, 2016