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Jean-Marie Lee, Digital Photo, 2016

PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)

A Learning Experience

While eating at the soup kitchens, I met
several individuals who had no access to
a printer to print a resume. Being proactive
I decided to help these people out and
actual found a fun job because of networking.

Soup kitchens have tons of people from
all walks of life and all kinds of education
levels. One thing I've learned through living
is everyone has their own survival skills. If
you have 200 people in a room with a high
school education you still have more
intelligence available than one person
with an advanced college degree.

And on the topic of education and employment
the job I obtained is working at a call center
selling clothing. An entrepreneurial homeless
woman (Patti) who was employed suggested that
everyone who needed a job use one of her
referrals to get hired at her office. And clearly
I cannot disclose all of the details; however,
I will say her place of employment is legit and
hired everyone on the spot to manage phone calls.
Patti in turn received her referral bonus for getting
five people employed.

You never know who you will meet and don't judge
anyone ever because they may be a friend.


In honor of Saint Maria Goretti
On her Feast Day July 6, 2016

Plog Post: Wednesday, July 6, 2016