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Jean-Marie Lee, Digital Photo, 2016

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Welfare Dependency and Food Insecurity

In my personal experience with welfare
from various forms, welfare is not easily
obtained and there is a time line to get
off the welfare system. That being said
one may ask "why does welfare have a
bad reputation." My personal answer to
this question is that many people want to
argue in favor or against many types of
government structures, religions, and

As a constant, someone is always going
to be at the top and someone is always
going to be at the bottom financially. This
is an "Earth Life" issue. Aging is linear.
People are born daily and people die daily.
And lots of things happen in the middle of
peoples lives like illness, economic losses,
personal losses, natural disasters, addictions--
and in reality the great debate of welfare
has existed since the beginning of civilization.

The first wars were fought for the same reason
wars are still fighting. -- WELFARE-- One side
is always going to say their way is better than
the other. Now in America, we like to argue about
welfare dependency and where our tax dollars are
going and who didn't pay enough. If you find yourself
having this kind of debate its is probably an
excellent time to go eat at a soup kitchen and
partake in a feast.

As a white female educated artist, I have faced lots of
conversational hate and disdain regarding the privileges
of my life. I have face people not believing that I actually
accomplished the things on my resume. I have been
told that I don't look old enough to drive and that I am
not tall enough to be taken seriously. And I will tell
you that historically and statistically and from personal
experience in working with people who are homeless
or in crisis situations that the economy cycles
and welfare is a necessity.

Some people in rural areas or in areas of severe
poverty face the issue of food insecurity. This is a
situation where families or individuals never quite
have enough food or enough resources of any kind.
For these people it becomes a daily battle, fear
and essentially a mentality that there is not enough
food. I've been going to these soup kitchens for
months now and they are open daily at the same
time with enough food for everyone and there I've
witnessed very real anxieties provoked in many
people including myself.

In my personal opinion, providing families with
a means to survival decreases the "acts of passion"
crimes and also provides a safety net of security.
Yes, some people are dependent on welfare for
life, though, most people do stick to the self
sufficiency model to get back to their own financial

I look at welfare and look at life and see soup
kitchens as a positive environment for communities
because even if you live alone with all the money
you need you can go eat at a soup kitchen and
not be alone. These soup kitchens are surprisingly
friendly one day and then can be like a reality show
the next, so they also provide a bit of entertainment.
Also, they give people an opportunity to save money.

Below is an updated version of the original
$50 a month grocery list.

Original Grocery Accounting List


In honor of Saint Maria Goretti
On her Feast Day July 6, 2016

Plog Post: Monday, August 22, 2016