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Just the beginning
Of an Endless

Looking up

And out
Finding friends
Hearing sounds

Seeing graffiti
Carved trees
Climbing towards

Inspirational clouds
Where life has
Just begun!

Xoxo. JML

My top 5 walk around jams

1. Super Bass Nicki Minaj
2. 7/11 Beyonce
3. Waka Waka Shakira
4. Roar Katy Perry
5. Rumor Has It Adele

My top 5 sidewalk dance moves

1. The infamous SNL Super Star
Bend and stretch and kick

2. Legally Blonde Bend and Snap
sexy bending and snapping

3. The You Don't Own Me
graceful gliding while hogging
sidewalk by doing arm circles

4. UpTown Funk
demo by Miss Michelle

5. Hammer Time - JML Style
dancing to the good songs
from car radios while waiting
to cross the street

My top 5 sidewalk photos

1. Selfies exercising
2. Shadow selfie dancing
3. Meme that litter
4. Most spectacular sky shots
5. Flower Power plant appreciation

The link to the #Gimme5
Let's Move 5th Anniversary
Campaign Video is below.
because any reason
is a good reason to go

Lets Move #Gimme5

#Gimme5 Collage
Metro Sky
Dance Place
Little Free Library
Symphonic News
Tree Hugger's Graffiti
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015


Posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2015