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Exactly Right There

Waking from a drooling
Slumber I know exactly

Just where I have been
Held in the arms of the Wind

And I saw you there-- a sigh
In the bathroom-- and I wanted

To ask if you are alright--
But didn't-- knowing it's alright

It's all just alright-- so the truth
I also care about your weather

Your Dolors in this life
Because you hold me

So tight when my worries
Come crashing in and I--

Wake up knowing exactly
Where I've been--

The blight white of winter
Ushering in spring-- then summer

Suddenly becomes waiting
As I'm wanting and knowing

You placed me in your arms
I hit my head back on that pillow

You say-- just get up - again
And again-- it's all fine

I know-- and the praising pleading
Of-- I love you-- is enough

Because I know exactly where
I have been-- though alone

In my room-- yet again

In my mind-- your voice
The radiant white sound
Of the summer Son-Sun

And shining-- a hum
Whispers-- captivating
Held in Your arms

I fall so hard asleep
Right there against
Your breast-- my pillow

My fears-- all resting
Worries gently rocking
A tide-- my drooling slumber

In Your Arms-- I'm alright
Held close without anything
Nothing to worry about

Nothing to abide-- bye and bye
Hello again-- in your arms
It's where I've been

It's the arms of hope
No longer a broken bough
Being there --at first--

I thought-- not to think--

The Gift of that Limb
Allowing Me to break free

So-- I know-- exactly where
I have been.


Rainbow Connection - The Carpenters

Unwavering Sunset
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015


Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2015