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On Dating Cymbals

An awareness, blatantly answering
that one lingering remaining
question that continuously gets lost
in translation--

Eeee-- aaa-- re...


Hold it.

G flat.


Flutter the strings-- upbeat
Fast-- like a moon beam--

Now, gimme an accordion and tambourine--

This is not a morbid
Dance of Seven Veils

As, I am not your archetype -- Salome--

And I-- stomp-- my right foot--
Hitting my heel--

Clacking the board--

We clap twice--

An announcement or request-
A demand at best--

The only option is Yes!

Our livelihood will not suffer.

Late in life-- the mare still here--
And the dog still has a few more tricks...

Suddenly, left field's ass appeals--

Reminded of the call, a sounder
and Mary Oliver's poetic questions
are the essence of Gabriel and Cecilia's
points to ponder--

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with this one wild and precious life?

I'll say, Yes! Again and again!

Regardless of being right or wrong--
Regardless of anyone hearing--
Regardless of anyone acknowledging--
Regardless of it being time--
Regardless of anyone debating--

...Drinking this wine.

I know my job by heart--

Keeping the light in this Temple
Burning as we grow a future--
Bringing a hope--

Including left field--
and Children--

ie. Everyone-- this TIME

So, you inquire how I know--

If a cock crows thrice--
And a neck can turn ahead--
Refating the hands of time-

2000 years --a sword at my throat--
A gusting wind-- and
The pressure of this unquiet mind--

You cut--
That cut--
The next cut--

This River--
My River still flows--
Wide and deep--

This time-- I'll spin.

And I-- stomp-- my left foot--
Hitting my heel--

Clacking the board--

We clap twice--

An announcement or request-
A demand at best--

I'll walk forward bringing all that I am.

Reaching out-- offering
My hands--
Standing at ease--

Before I exit--
To finish this part-- an anchoring
Foundation of peace--


I hold You,
Just as much--

As You hold,

My last few lines--

Shyly - yet with some kind of
outgoing bravado -- also known
as JML's dynamite--

I'll meet you with my eyes--
You'll see my soul--

Acknowledging - while my voice -

The not so faint voice of my heart
that does not care how long it takes--
while clearly requesting--
don't carelessly push this river.

That voice--

Conjures shaloming the words--
Respectfully for the opportunity
to be in this life- I'll say confidently
and cordially knowing--
Passion for the Struggle--

Yes! My pleasure-- it's a great LOVE.
Thank You ever so much.

Xoxo! JML

Brandy Alexander - Feist

Do not disturb at _________.
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2014


Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2015