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Nickel Yellow

Silent, immersed, alone
I hear an echo--

Standing on the platform watching
I see them all walking into light--

Its like climbing into space
A blank canvas ready-- Me ready-
Willing for the desire of a painting

I find my lights and darks--
Its about light and has no intention
Bound to color-- its not local

There's an atmosphere
There's a pressure

To defy gravity and come back
Because there was no meaning
In the empty, distant, vast-- Transformation

There's a ginko tree near the sidewalk
By my undergrad studio in Starkville

I was drawing that tree daily
I had 20 studies about the leaves
The patterns and flowing and hanging

When I woke up-- all my leaves
Were on the ground--

The weather man said it was just
A cold snap--

It was too disturbing-- those leaves were
my friends-- So, I'm guilty of loving too much

I'm guilty of allowing the ecstasy of escape
And I'm guilty of painting exactly how it felt

I reach for nickel yellow and dioxazine violet
To set the stage for the lights and darks
To present a solid vibration--

An experience of time and space--

Sunshine - Jonathan Edwards

Plate 2 - Seeing Things Illustrations
Digital Print, Jean-Marie Lee, 2006
(Original Painting, Private Collection)


Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015