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Illusions, I recall

Fact, fiction, reality, emotion
And the list goes on to include intuition

Unraveling the road less traveled
An idealist perception-- a misnomer

I found today-- I found the invisible
Reflecting on rows of boxes in London

They were homes, I felt dizzy watching
Passing by closing my eyes-- remembering
An accident--

I was stopped at a light, sitting in traffic
BOOM! My head hit the wheel and I looked up
And looked in the rear view--

She got out of her car-- came to my window yelling
She said I slammed on my breaks--

I thought to myself there's no way-- I've been counting
The train cars-- I've been sitting for 78

The driver beside me used his phone and stayed--
Essentially coming to my aid--

The officer revealed my age-- 17
And not at fault--

Never-mind my injury,
Never-mind my frustration,
Never-mind being late to school,
Never-mind that I still had to tell my family,
Never-mind my car was ruined--

At that moment, I knew--

Its not my life that matters,
Its how I present it to you.

Regina Spektor - The Call

Looking In
Digital Print, Jean-Marie Lee, 2011
(Original Painting, 2010, Private Collection)


Posted: Sunday, February 15, 2015