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The Sphinx

She heard my trumpet
She heard my fiddle

She heard me pound
Piano keys to solve
Her riddle--

I beat my drum--
Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum

And how kind of Her
To declare my noise

A valiant effort...
And request more
--of that...

Affect and Effect
Will never be the same--

She watched me sculpt
She watched me widdle

She watched me feng shui
My bedroom to solve
Her riddle--

And all the while,
She heard me,
She watched me,
She assuaged me--

She never moved--
She held the ground--
She guarded the Temple--

Her nose is not chipped
Her nose is not brown

She does not possess
The lost and found--

A gray area conclusion
Will not suffice--

Her omniscient riddle
Summons at least thrice--

Its not luck--
Its not fate--

Its not a dream
You'd want to date--

I couldn't blame Her
For the gnarly gash

A stubborn heel--

To swim the stream
To dance the tango

With talent enough
To act and pogo

I see The Sphinx-- and
The Sphinx sees Me

To answer your riddle
My dear, dear, friend--

Its empathy for the WIND!


In honor of my Sphinx's Birthday

The Three Sphinxes of Bikini
Salvador Dali, Oil on canvas, 1947



Posted: Sunday, February 8, 2015