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Seeing Stars
Strangers that I've met.

Lost in a trance-- watching
Escalator steps cycle

Mustering courage-- gripping
The rail-- I stand aware

Not wanting to fall-- today
Protecting my injured foot

Cautiously watching people
Climbing past me-- minding my own

Emerging from the tunnel
Walking out on iced pavement

Teens horsing around-- thinking
How to avoid an accident-- walking away

And I wipe out. My head even--
Hitting pavement-- what happened?

Seeing Vincent musing Venus
And the Cyprus-- understanding

Looking up-- a child apologizes
His young, yet older, sister fusses

At him-- compassionately
All is forgiven-- he showed remorse

Again, I think of Vincent
The teens taunting a master--

Humility, empathy-- a world presuming
Pretentious narcissism-- His life

Only appreciated in death
The lost and found of a morning

Still-- another version of The Passion

The Starry Night
Oil on Canvas, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
Museum of Modern Art

Vincent - Don McLean

Van Gogh -- The Letters


Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015