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No penance, just stay.

Sitting, I hear myself exhale
Noticing, I feel my breath's warmth

A flame flickering, inside ruby glass
Sends a silent invitation --
Desiring nothing more

Everything -- all of it
Whatever it was

Surfacing depths of my interior
Unwinding from my mind

As if a flood hit that flame
Yet, not at all extinguishing

In my own furious existence,

I've yelled at the wind
I've yelled at the rain

To no avail-- I got mad at a rose one day

And WHY?--
Notions evade articulating that pain

Yet in the sanctuary
A known invitation

No penance, just stay.

The Drifters - Stand By Me

Caged song revisited
Digital image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2015
(original painting 2001, private collection)


Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2015