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Love Ambush
Digital Image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2014

PLOGS BELOW (JML's Poetic Commentary)

Spiritual Attainment

In the essence of being—
Not just in the belly of a lamb
Or even in a Sphinx—

To wait and want
And want to wait
Without delaying love

But denying lust—
It’s the essence of being
Right here—right now

Present for what is and—
What may come—
In the lamb’s womb I found light

In the Sphinx’s womb I found
A way into the light— and just
Maybe a rocket hitting the moon

Maybe a book describing doom
Maybe a life outside of room
We all got here through a womb


In honor of Saint Valentine
On his feast day February 14, 2017

Habanera - Carmen - Georges Bizet
Syste Buwalda directed by Pieter Jan Leusink

Plog Post: Tuesday, February 14, 2017