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Life is a Verb
Life is a Verb
October 15, 2014

Life is a Verb

That must be...
conjugated by an action

Similar to feeding a dog
but not just food...

For instance, my puppy

Whimper the Orange Lee

was a mutt that didn't bark
and was orange regardless
of having black and white spots

Sitting on his fanny with
his mouth wide open
and his tongue hanging out,

Orange, was scary to alot of people.

He liked to sniff everything
on our walks to the STOP sign
and he never barked.

The only thing he had to learn
was not to play dead
on my homework because

Mom, didn't like me using all
the scotch tape to put
my homework back together.

And Mrs. Montgomery didn't
like torn up homework.

Orange never said, "life's ruff."
He wagged his tail just
being okay with all of it.

He learned quickly
how to whimper the answers
to all the multiplication tables...

I didn't even have to hold
my fingers up for him to do that.

I told him the problem,
Orange, gave the answer.
And he got a treat.

I got treats for my good grades too.
Orange never failed me in school.

Somehow, after he died,
I found the big ORANGE in the sky.

Then I found...
the big ORANGE is in everything.

And I know, if I don't like what I see
I've got to change me first
to I like what I see.

Because the big ORANGE is in ME
and the big ORANGE is in YOU.


is what makes LIFE A VERB.

(like 4-REAL!)

I woke up one morning
and found my toilet on
my porch; I didn't like that.

But with all the "so called"
laws broken that day...

My favorite was
the Jehovah Witness
giving me a HUG.

And she wouldn't have
done that without
my toilet --> BEING

On the porch.

The big Orange
really is in EVERY--



Ain't got no, I got life - Nina Simone

I Got Life
digital image, Jean-Marie Lee, 2014