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Being Untitled
Being Untitled
October 07, 2014

Today, I made a rule for Life

1. Pain is never silent

Earlier this year
I set out on a mission

To Reinvent the Myths

So, far the only myth
I've been able to slay and re-fate

"A prodigy will only survive
past the need to practice;
with a purpose."

What could possibly
change that myth?

98 Nuns emailing, "Hello."

and 1 Sister keeping silence
as I told her everything

But really, I found a


Lighting away, that provided
Enough of a distraction

For me to lose count
And allowed me to see


When Nihilism fails
Find out about
the Holy Cross

That's where Mom lives

whether you caller her:

Saint Mary or Notre Dame
The Eternal Mom is there

Telling you all how much
My therapist loves
that an Eternal Child
found The Eternal Mom

still isn't enough

"A prodigy has to make
a significant contribution
to their field of practice."

There are many artists
who have lived long lives
and died from natural

The contribution, I'm
going to make to the
field of painting
is documenting how to
stay grounded and reach
out to the outer undefined
limits of the world and
come back without despair.

The so called "Beautiful Mind"

is now called "Being Untitled"

And the "Why?" is

for the sake of

"not being too smart
for my own good"

The June 2015 Exhibition
"A Parting Immersion"

Is a prelude to a
new way of seeing

The only reason, I paint
is to give inspiration and hope
to myself and others

A palette knife will not
keep anyone alive in
The Be-Wilderness

So, Mapping a way for
survival has to happen


October 5-11, 2014 is
Mental Health Week

Hugh Grant - Don't Write Me Off

The Triptych Sophia

1. Day and Night of the Lord
2. White Hornets
3. The Shepherdess

Digital Image by Jean-Marie Lee, 2014