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Catholic Graffiti
Catholic Graffiti
September 30, 2014

There really is nothing
in the world quite like

Catholic Graffiti

Oh... those Catholics
have been drawing on
the walls since

the beginning of A.D.
In the year of Our Lord

In physics, the
law of conservation of energy
states that the total energy
of an isolated system
cannot change

Thus, its energy redirected,
that keeping silence
in monasteries
produced loud pictures
all over church walls

It never ceases to amaze
me how extroverted
religious personalities are

Whether its the
Mother Superior of
Georgetown Visitation
taking time to calligraph
all of the days notes

Or Sister Charles
hosting "ask a nun"
outside the
USA Student Union
Wednesday, Oct 1st

Because rumor has it
Father Travis can't make it

The gift all religious
give to the world is
a devoution of energy
and time in bringing

That is an extraordinary
goal and feat to strive for

Sure... hick-ups and glitches
happen that are devastating

But the effort is there
the hope is there
the love is there

The media frenzy
of reporting perpetrators
of all kinds including
Pitt-bull puppies

Only serves a reenactment
of the greatest "perp walk"
of all time

Jesus walking his Cross
down Via Dolorosa
(way of sorrows)

Imagine that...
somebody died

for the sake of
Crime and Punishment

and it was enough
to shift the time
and move the world

To A.D. Anno Domini
In the Year of Our Lord

Instead of taking a break
with a Kit Kat Bar

You could go get a break
With the Eucharist
I heard there are
fewer calories involved


PS. Have you taken the
time to tell your criminal
(loved ones) that your
life would suck
with out them

My Life Would Suck Without You
Kelly Clarkson

The image is from
St. Louis Cathedral in
St. Louis, Missouri.

"I will pour my Spirit
on all Flesh."

Photo by Mark Abeln